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Serving the tri county area since 1988

Welcome to A-AA1 Sureway Driving School, A School You Can Trust! We offer expert Behind The Wheel Training with our State Certified Instructors.
  • Teenage Defensive Driving Course with Insurance Certificate
  • Special Attention for Nervous & Elderly
  • Expert Re-Exams & Road Tests
Associated with State Vocational Rehabilitation
Only school in tri county with hand control vehicle
FREE Pick-Up & Drop-Off
FREE Written Test Assistance
Our Promise to Teen Drivers
At Sureway we believe driver's ed. classes at high schools are great, as far as classrooms are concerned — but behind-the-wheel training can be improved. Some students are not taken into traffic or on major roadways or highway before they receive their driver's license. Come on parents, wake up! It is far more than start, stop, turn, park, and pass the test. A good driving school will strive to help its students to build safe driving habits. This means the ability to properly read the traffic scene as it unfolds and to habitually respond correctly to the constantly changing situation. Let's give our teenagers a fighting chance to survive our roadways.
A-Sureway Driving School
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